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Questions Regarding Firearm Sales & Purchases

Chipley Gun & Pawn, Inc., takes the sale and transfer of all firearms seriously and strictly abides by the laws set forth by Federal, State and Local law enforcement officials in such transactions. The below is general information related to the requirements needed in order to purchase a firearm in the State of Florida. All requirements are subject to change.

Handgun Sales - (3-Day Waiting Period)

The State of Florida, and Federal Regulations require that to purchase a handgun in the State of Florida the purchaser must meet the following criteria :

  • Must Be A Registered Florida Resident for At Least 6 Months
  • A State Issued Photo ID Is Required
  • Purchaser Must Be 21 Years of Age or Older
  • Buyer Must Pass A Federal Firearms Background Check

Long Gun Sales - (No Waiting Period)

To purchase a long gun (rifle, shotgun, etc) in the State of Florida, the following criteria must be met by the buyer :

  • Purchaser May Be From Another State (Check your local state laws)
  • A State Issued Photo ID Is Required
  • Must Be At Least 18 Years of Age or Older
  • Buyer Must Pass A Federal Firearms Background Check

Firearm Transfers

Chipley Gun & Pawn are licensed FFL Holders. You can purchase a firearm out of state and have it shipped to our store or you can take advantage of discount prices by ordering your firearm directly through us, however, we do not ship firearms. Transfer fees will vary.

We Are Responsible Dealers

Chipley Gun & Pawn believes that firearm safety should not be taken lightly. We make the voluntary effort to supply a free gun safety - trigger lock with all firearm purchases.

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