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Originally Chipley Gun & Pawn was located next the the Vance Theater, in Downtown Chipley. In March of 1981, Zena Corbin, purchased the store and later in 1993 relocated to 1363 Railroad Avenue, and is currently located on Jackson Avenue 1 block east on Highway 90.

In August 2006, we relocated Chipley Gun & Pawn to 1222 Jackson Avenue (Hwy 90) in Chipley. For the locals, this is the old Wells FRM Feed Store. As our business has continued to grow over the years, the larger facility will provide a larger store front, expanded storage and convenient parking.

David Corbin, owner of Chipley Gun & Pawn, Inc. David began working with the family owned business in 1994, and can be found running the day to day operations at the shop. He would much rather spend the day talking about the latest hunting or fishing spots with many of the customers that have become cherished friends over the years.

When asked about the strangest things anyone has tried to pawn, Zena and David, had a hard time trying to recall just a few to mention out of the hundreds of weird days spent at the shop. Both agreed, that the most frequent items have included husbands, wives, in-laws, wedding gowns (from a few brides with cold feet), undergarments and spoiled children. But, one of the strangest items would probably have to be commodity cheese.

Serving Washington County and surrounding residents Chipley Gun & Pawn has built a great reputation of serving customers with pure down home southern hospitality. A proud trademark that distinguishes us as a reputable business that has built a trusted relationship with our clients over the years.

David Corbin, Owner

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